SS316 A4 Undercut Bolt (PUA-02)

Undercut Bolt is one kind of anchor bolts,

Similar to wedge anchor,machanical anchor as we are known,

The difference is that fixing into the back of stone panel.

Due to it's special design and special undercut hole,

It's much strength then other anchors for building facades.

PUA-02: Bolt+Nut+Spring Washer+Flat Washer+Sleeve+Ring

Size : M8*15*32

Weight : 17Kg/1000Pcs

Packing: 200Pcs/Box , 6Box/Carton , 48Cartons/Pallet

Carton Size : 27*29*17CM        Pallet Size : 80*120CM

Undercut Bolt is one kind of expansion anchors,similar to wedge anchor,sleeve anchor,machanical anchor as we are known before. What's the difference from other anchors? It's always used with special Undercut Drill bit and Drilling Machine,the price is higher than other anchor bolts in the market. 


PUA-02: Bolt + Nut + Spring Washer + Flat Washer + Sleeve + Ring


1.Product Descriptions


High Quality Stainless Steel 304/A2 316/A4 Jaring Undercut Back Bolts (PUA-02) for fixing Marble Granite

Item: Undercut Anchor Bolts, Back Stone Anchors

Model No.: PUA-02

Size: M6*15*25,M6*15*28,M6*15*32,M8*15*32,M8*21*38

Material: AISI304/A2  AISI316/A4

Usage: Natural Stone | Artificial Panel | Ceramic | Porcelain Tile


Trademark: Jaring

MOQ: 1000pcs

Packing: 150pcs/box, 6boxes/carton 

Delivery Time: Within 3days.

Payment Term: 100% payment in advance

Shipment: By DHL / FEDEX / TNT





A4 Flat Washer M8 (OD:15.8mm)


Flat Washer Thickness : 1.5mm


Undercut Bolt M8 Sleeve OD : 12.5mm


Sleeve OD: 12.5mm


Sleeve Length 10.5mm


High Quality Undercut Bolt Expansion Ring


Undercut Bolt PUA-02 M8*15*32 without nut and washer


Good Quality Undercut Bolt PUA-02 China Manufacturer and Factory
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