Double Heads Table Drilling Machine (JR1086)

1. It can work on any two points on the stone panel

2. It's used famous brand motor, high speed, low energy consumption, long service life.

3. Suitable for all kinds of stone material, ceramic plate, glass plate, plate, marble hole drilling


Table Drilling Machine for Undercut Anchor Bolts (Model No. JR1086)


Video of Double Heads Automatic Undercut Anchor 

Table Drilling Machine (Model No.JR1086)




1. Features of JARING Undercut Anchor Bolt Table Drilling Machine (JR1086):


  • The Jaring Undercut Drilling Machine can work on any two points on the stone panel,through the positioning of the board can be adjusted on the plate before and after the location of the precise drilling the hole,by loosening the back of the head of the locking handle, the head of the pointer on the Horizontal ruler, the stone panel can be positioned on the left and right drilling holes.


  • This Jaring Brand table drilling machine (Double Heads) can drill two holes at the same time.It will save your working time.


  • Drilling a straight hole size can be adjusted,when one side of the drill bit is wear,we can change the drill bit. You need to change the drill bit after about drilling 50 holes.It's total can change 3 times for 4 sides,in this way,it can greatly improve the use of drill bit.The bottom size of undercut hole also can be adjusted by hand.


  • Electronic water valve control the water off and on,when complete drilling hole, the motor stops working,the water automatically shut down,so in that case it can save water.The drilling depth is adjusted by the photoelectric induction switch.


  • Simple operation,one-touch operation on the panel,the failure rate to a minimum, no special requirements for the operator.Suitable for all kinds of stone material,Ceramic Tile,Fiber Cement,Natural Stone,Artificial Panel,Porcelain Tile,HPL.


Double Heads Undercut Table Drilling Machine


2. Technical Data of Table Drilling Machine (Model No. JR1086):


Table Drilling Machine JR1086 Technical Data

Model No.:



AC 220V

Rated Frequency:


No-load Speed:


Rated Power:


Cooling Way:


Water Pressure:

0.4 MPa

Air Pressure:


Drilling Depth:


Drill Bit:


Max Stone Size:

50*1500*2500 mm

Machine Size :

2030 x 1420 x 1600 mm

Packing Size (Wooden Box):

2180 x 1630 x 1900 mm

Gross Weight:



Jaring Facades - Undercut Anchor Table Drilling Machine (Automatic)


3. Drill Bit of Table Drilling Machine (Model No. JR1086)

Drill Bit for Table Drilling Machine JR1086


Drill Bit For Undercut Anchor Drilling Machine JR1086


Testing Tool for Undercut Anchor Hole


4. Packing and Delivery of Table Drilling Machine (Model No. JR1086)

Table drilling machine packing details



underuct table drilling machine packing on the wooden box


good packing for undercut table drilling machine


Packing Video of Table Drilling Machine (Model No. JR1086)



Packing details of Double Heads automatic drilling machine


Undercut Table Drilling Machine with tool box and water pump


Table Drilling Machine packing in wooden box 


Table Drilling Machine Free tool box and other accessories


Double Heads Drilling Equipment for stone marble


Packing photos of Table Drilling Machine for Under cut Anchor


Packing in wooden box of Table Drilling Machine for Stone,marble,fiber cement


Packing photos of Double Heads Drilling Machine for Ceramic Tile
Table drilling machine in container ship to Doha Qatar


Loading Container of Table Drilling Machine for stone back bolt


5. Factory of  Jaring Table Drilling Machine (Model No. JR1086)


Table Drilling Machine for Undercut Anchor Bolts Single Head


Undercut Anchor Bolts Automatic Drilling Machine


Undercut Anchor Table Drilling Tool Machine


Control box of Table Drilling Machine


2 Heads Table Drilling Machine for Undercut Bolts


Undercut Anchor Table Drilling Machine Factory Workshop


Table Drilling Machine Model No. JR1086 Drill Bit







1.Do you have CE certificate of this Undercut Bolt Table Drilling Machine ?

   Yes, our machine has past the CE test (2006/42/EC Machinery Directive) from Turkey Agency “UDEM”, the CE Certificate Number is M.2015.103.4632. You can check it on


2.What’s the volts of the Undercut Table Drilling Machine ?

   Our machine is 220V,if you are fromUSA,Canada,Japan, you should buy a converter for enough power to start well our machine.


3.What other items I have to buy in our local market :

   You should buy the Air Compressor & Water Pump in your local market,as you know, they can’t delivery by air.


4.What’s the warranty of the machine?

   The Portable Drilling Machine is guaranteed for 6months since selling out. Of course,if you have any problems in future or need to change some accessories,we can provide you free for   changing.Meanwhile we have sent you the most accessories together with the machine,you can change it yourself when have problems.


5.Do you have any video to show us how to operating the machine.

   Yes,we can send you the video of operating by email.


6.Do you have User Operating Instructions of the drilling machine?

   Yes,we put it together in every package, you also can ask us for the e-catalog by email.


7.What’s the countries you have exported?

   We have exported toTurkey,England,Latvia, Dubai,Iran,India,Kuwait,Russia,Netherlands, American,Canada,South  Korea,Portugal,Spain,Bahrain,Qatar,Lithuania,Uzbekistan.


8. Do you have stock of the machine,if I need it very urgently,can you send me immediately.

   Yes,we have large stock of Undercut Anchor Drilling Machine,Undercut Drill Bits,Undercut Anchors,so if you need,we can delivery to you by DHL immediately.





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