Undercut Drill Bit

Undercut Drill Bit is a special drill bit only used for drilling undercut holes to fix undercut anchor bolts

1. Drill straight hole 

2. Drill undercut in the bottom

Item: Undercut Anchor Drill Bit,Undercut Bolt Drill,Diamond Tipped Drill bit



   KUA Type: M6 (7.0/7.0A 7.2/7.2A) , M8 (9mm),

   PUA Type : M6 (11mm) , M8(13mm)

Material: Diamond

Quantity of Holes : One Drill Bit can make about 150-200 holes according to the material of your tile.

Usage: Natural Stone | Artificial Panel | Ceramic | Porcelain Tile | Fibre Cement


Trademark: Jaring

MOQ: 100pcs

Packing: 10pcs/bag,100pcs/box

Delivery Time: Within 3days.

Payment Term: 100% payment in advance

Shipment: By DHL / FEDEX / TNT




Difference of Drill Bit 7.0 & 7.0A


China Diamond drill bit for undercut anchor bolts manufacturer


undercut anchor bolt drill bit with diamond tip




How to change undercut drill bit correctly



How to change new drill bit


How to make more holes with Jaring drill bits


We have produced the undercut anchor drill bit for more than 10 years,

We have always updating the quality of the drill bit,

So our drill bit can drill more holes then other suppliers in China.

And our good quality is accepted by our clients.







Undercut anchor drill bit China manufactory and fatory 10years updating


Meanwhile our producing manager has developed the Carbide Drill Bit on 10/10/2023.

It is dry drilling,no need water as diamond drill bit.

It's used for drilling holes for fiber cement slabs,HPL panels,acrylic artificial stone or natural stones. 

If you have any new inquriy of the undercut anchor drill bit carbide tipped in future,

please feel free to contact us.We can send you free samples for testing.




Undercut Drill Bit for PUA M8(13)


Diamond Drill Bit for Undercut Anchors M8 13


Undercut Anchor Drill Bit Diamond tipped M6 (7.0A)


Undercut Anchor Drill Bit M6 (7.0)


Undercut Drill Bit for PUA anchor M6 (11)


Undercut Anchor Drill Bit M6 (7.2)


Special Drill Bit for Undercut Anchor M6 (7.0)


Drill Bit for Undercut Anchor Bolt Portable Drilling Machine


Undercut Drill Bit M6 7.2


High Quality Undercut Drill Bit Diamond Tipped


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