What's the difference between Undercut Anchor Bolt and Wedge Anchor ?


Undercut Anchor Bolt is one kinds of expansion bolt,its designed and manufactured with a high tensile strength than other normal anchor bolts due to the unique undercut hole.


Undercut Bolt Hole in the Stone Panel


There is a 2mm larger diameter at the hole bottom (we call it undercut).


Undercut Anchor Hole Drawing Size


So the undercut anchor bolt after the expansion is very difficult to pull it out. It's much safe for your projects.


Sectional View of Undercut Hole in the Stone Panel


Undercut Anchor Fixing on the Stone


Wedge Anchor is also one kinds of normal expansion anchor,it is straight hole,the installation is also very easy. Drilling hole with drilling tool ,then flowing dust,fix the wedge anchor and then screw the nut,finish.


Installation of the Wedge Anchor and Through Bolt


The second difference is that the undercut anchor is fixing on the back of stone panel (Ceramic Tile,Fiber Cement,Porcelain tile,HPL ),so we also call it stone back anchor.Please check the drilling hole on the ceramic tile below.


Undercut Hole at the back of Ceramic Tile


Please check the photo of Jaring Undercut Anchors with Aluminum Brackets on the back of the stone panel from our Clients' Project Site.

Undercut Anchor Bolt with Aluminum Clips Project 


The wedge anchor is fixing on the concrete wall or on the ground.Please check the photos below for better understanding.


Drilling hole on the Concrete Wall


Then flowing the dust from the hole with pressional tool for fixing the wedge anchor

Flowing dust from the hole


 Last fix the through bolt with hammer to knock in and put on the square washer and then screw the nut.


Fixing the wedge anchor on the concrete ground


  Please check the real photos of Jaring undercut anchor and wedge anchor below.We are professional manufacturer and have large stock of all size both of them. 


Photos of Jaring Undercut Anchors


Wedge Anchors from Jaring Facades


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