Why do you choose Jaring Facades ?


1. Quickly Response - We promise to reply you within 1 hour after receiving your email.


2. Factory price- We have our own factory to produce the fasteners and marble fixing systems,so we can control the cost and quality.


3. High Quality - Jaring Facades has get ISO9001 and CE certificate, most of our clients are long time cooperation,and we are all be good friends.


4. Delivery On Time - We have large stock of the undercut anchors,drill bits and drilling machine,so we can delivery to you immediately.


5. The full building facades system - We can provide you Fasteners,Marble Fixing Systems,Undercut Anchoring Systems,Drilling Machines and other Accessories.


6. Excellent Service - We have nearly 15years experience of production and international trading .So we have much experience in import and export,shipping, product usage and other aspects. We can solve the problems in the most professional way.





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